May. 17th, 2009

reignsdown: (Oh come ON)
Star Trek: The Next Generation

The complete series on DVD in one set? Oh yes PLEASE!

Watching and re-watching the new Star Trek re-launch movie has reminded me that my childhood was spent being a tinybabygeek for TNG. Riker, in particular, was my favourite character, while Picard was close second. Not to mention general love for most of the cast, with the exception of Q (ironically, his type of character is the sort I ended up liking as an adult).

While in the vein of Star Trek, tempted to watch the movie for a third time, despite the growing nuances otherwise known as 'flaws' in it. There is still enough awesome McCoy to make up for that, I think. More than make up for it.

I'm a doctor, not a movie critic!

(Okay, done now, really.)
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