May. 18th, 2009

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Despite not being a particular fan of Coheed and Cambria, this morning I cannot get enough of Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth (Secrets of the Universe). For the average reader, know that metal (avec screaming) is the preference, which this would not qualify as.

And oh dear god it is nine-thirty already.

You know what? Don't care. Will waste more time sitting here and listening to this song until I figure out what has caught my attention in it.

Then? Then I will work on writing. Novel #01 requires work on the editing front, while novel #02 needs writing. There are also the character shorts that I have been wanting to write/been writing instead.
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Title: Voice of Experience
Word Count: 1,096
Author: Alex ([personal profile] reignsdown)
Characters: Kirk, McCoy; non-pairing
Rating: PG
Summary: McCoy helps Kirk return to their dorm quarters after an eventful night on the town.
Warnings: Star Trek 2009 (watch it, love it)

I'm a doctor, not a brawler! )
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Come together and into a thing of beauty no less. My inner lesbian is all over the fact that [community profile] trek_kink's first replies were to the femslash and for a pairing that I can get behind. The decision to launch the kink meme tonight, rather than later this week? Another thing that I can get behind, especially now that it's up and running.

And [personal profile] athos? This is the last time you will hear this, because I do not think I could handle the ego expansion otherwise, but the friending meme portion? AWESOME IDEA.

The only problem to this scenario is the part where I have to work at seven in the morning and require certain amounts of sleep. This contrasts sharply with my desire to fulfil the request that I have started writing and start others. However, the amount of mental exhaustion my brain is indulging is makes the ability to channel proper Spock dialogue.

When I start writing Tuvok instead of Spock, that is the sign that this towel? It is to be thrown it. I will finish this tomorrow night, then write more, because I WANT to. What a refreshing feeling!


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