Jul. 11th, 2009

reignsdown: (Dunno?)
HOKAY. Definitely not making it to the Pride parade, being that I sort of forgot the concept of tracking time this morning and the parade started seven minutes ago.

(I see you, kitten. You are watching me type and thinking about pouncing. I AM ONTO YOU.)

Eight minutes ago, LOL. Oh, self, tracking time is a GOOD thing. There's still the afternoon festival to hit up, so off I shower to prep! Works out, because I wasn't sure I wanted in on the parade this year.

SELF, THIS IS NOT TRACKING TIME. This is typing an entry, and watching the kitten contemplate an attack. And he just tried and got caught on the screen and sort of hung there for a moment before he dropped behind the laptop again. KITTEN, SO FAIL.

The new Gears of War novel is out on July 28th! Same day as the map pack and extra chapter release (omg new storyline chapter for GoW2, EXCITED). Not so excited about the book, on the grounds that the first one was not that awesome, but any attention to GoW is nice attention, yes. ♥
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