Jul. 12th, 2009

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Did not make it to the parade, but made it to the tail end of the park festivities! There were a fair number of people out there, enjoying the weather and listening to someone on the microphone talking about laughing and trying to get people to laugh with her. Repeatedly saw the winner of the city's Pride drag show at the events.

(Mostly, at the park, sat and appreciated the pretty ladies, talked with [personal profile] athos about physical pings re: the crowd.)

Signed the Pride banner, et al. Bought Pride flags and proceeded to shoot pool at the Legion, where apparently at least one person disliked the fact we were carrying rainbow flags. Fact of life, y'know?

Thought about ditching on the rest, but Roy roundabout encouraged me into confidence to go to the film festival. There were some very interesting short films there, including six 30 second or so clips made by youth who attended a queer-friendly camp in the province. Those six filmets carried very interesting messages, far deeper than I'd have expected of the age group. Messages about stereotyping, gender ambiguity and its social conundrums, discrimination (reversing the norm, a clip about a heterosexual couple being slurred against; put yourself in our shoes was the message), and similar trends. Very powerful messages for the age group.

The last film there was the one I appreciated most. Fat Femme Mafia talked about the growing movement to appreciate 'fat people' and the fact that 'fat people' is so very hard to define. What hit me about it was the message that it's not about accepting who you are for what you are, but knowing that there will be days when you wake up and feel lazy/gross/fat and days that you feel awesome. I have that mixture of days and really appreciated that others do to, because normally? I don't mind my weight and try to dress to match, but sometimes... augh, oh yes, augh.

We also decided to attend the Pride dance. SO MANY PEOPLE. So many women who kept staring at Roy (she wore her boobilicious shirt). So many who kept staring at me with the 'how did you land someone THAT HOT' look. OH HUMANS, LOL. Friend, not girlfriend. Met a few more of the local community, learned that there's a GLBT night club open only on Saturdays in this city (heard mixed things about it).

Saw an incredibly convincing drag queen, hoshit. Beautiful hair, a little heavy on the makeup, gorgeous outfit and false cleavage. So graceful, et al. IT WAS AMAZING.

Also: Cowboy with a pride flag in his hat. Men in kilts with bondage harnesses. So many lesbian couples; I had no idea this city had this much community. People KNOW if you've been there before.

There were some downsides to the day and reinforcements to some thoughts I have, but overall? AWESOME FUN.
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