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Alex ([personal profile] reignsdown) wrote2009-07-02 09:18 pm
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025: where we see the world works in extremes

Went from not being able to decide a playlist to having song pings ALL OVER THE BOARD.

Every third or fourth song today is pinging me for something or another. I've officially started a fanmix playlist for a book I recently read, plus found some new character songs for the original verses I work on (both alone and with Roy).

And, token truth, but I could always use more music. There are some CDs at the local HMV I'm probably going to pick up soon to add to the collection.

Also, a pimp for [personal profile] athos's meme. This Roy? Has always been awesome at finding songs. Half the songs added to my original 'verse playlist since September 2008 were found by her. She is AMAZING.

ETA: Incura also responded to a message I sent them and they were adorable!