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Did not make it to the parade, but made it to the tail end of the park festivities! There were a fair number of people out there, enjoying the weather and listening to someone on the microphone talking about laughing and trying to get people to laugh with her. Repeatedly saw the winner of the city's Pride drag show at the events.

(Mostly, at the park, sat and appreciated the pretty ladies, talked with [personal profile] athos about physical pings re: the crowd.)

Signed the Pride banner, et al. Bought Pride flags and proceeded to shoot pool at the Legion, where apparently at least one person disliked the fact we were carrying rainbow flags. Fact of life, y'know?

Thought about ditching on the rest, but Roy roundabout encouraged me into confidence to go to the film festival. There were some very interesting short films there, including six 30 second or so clips made by youth who attended a queer-friendly camp in the province. Those six filmets carried very interesting messages, far deeper than I'd have expected of the age group. Messages about stereotyping, gender ambiguity and its social conundrums, discrimination (reversing the norm, a clip about a heterosexual couple being slurred against; put yourself in our shoes was the message), and similar trends. Very powerful messages for the age group.

The last film there was the one I appreciated most. Fat Femme Mafia talked about the growing movement to appreciate 'fat people' and the fact that 'fat people' is so very hard to define. What hit me about it was the message that it's not about accepting who you are for what you are, but knowing that there will be days when you wake up and feel lazy/gross/fat and days that you feel awesome. I have that mixture of days and really appreciated that others do to, because normally? I don't mind my weight and try to dress to match, but sometimes... augh, oh yes, augh.

We also decided to attend the Pride dance. SO MANY PEOPLE. So many women who kept staring at Roy (she wore her boobilicious shirt). So many who kept staring at me with the 'how did you land someone THAT HOT' look. OH HUMANS, LOL. Friend, not girlfriend. Met a few more of the local community, learned that there's a GLBT night club open only on Saturdays in this city (heard mixed things about it).

Saw an incredibly convincing drag queen, hoshit. Beautiful hair, a little heavy on the makeup, gorgeous outfit and false cleavage. So graceful, et al. IT WAS AMAZING.

Also: Cowboy with a pride flag in his hat. Men in kilts with bondage harnesses. So many lesbian couples; I had no idea this city had this much community. People KNOW if you've been there before.

There were some downsides to the day and reinforcements to some thoughts I have, but overall? AWESOME FUN.
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HOKAY. Definitely not making it to the Pride parade, being that I sort of forgot the concept of tracking time this morning and the parade started seven minutes ago.

(I see you, kitten. You are watching me type and thinking about pouncing. I AM ONTO YOU.)

Eight minutes ago, LOL. Oh, self, tracking time is a GOOD thing. There's still the afternoon festival to hit up, so off I shower to prep! Works out, because I wasn't sure I wanted in on the parade this year.

SELF, THIS IS NOT TRACKING TIME. This is typing an entry, and watching the kitten contemplate an attack. And he just tried and got caught on the screen and sort of hung there for a moment before he dropped behind the laptop again. KITTEN, SO FAIL.

The new Gears of War novel is out on July 28th! Same day as the map pack and extra chapter release (omg new storyline chapter for GoW2, EXCITED). Not so excited about the book, on the grounds that the first one was not that awesome, but any attention to GoW is nice attention, yes. ♥
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Okay, so!

Family wanted me to come camp with them this weekend. Opted out, because it is the Pride Festival this weekend and I have been wanting to attend parts of it.

Reunion (10 years, high school) is August 29th and I have tentatively decided to go. Will trip out to Edmonton with 'rents (to save on hotel costs, LOL), then trip up to LLB (two hours) for the pig roast. Should things go well, I'll crash somewhere in LLB for the night, then drive back. If I feel alienated by the town and want to tell them to STFU, I book it the two hours back to Edmonton on sweet, sweet Albertan backroads. Oh, 130km/h, I love you.

Well, that'd make it significantly SHORTER than two hours, still. The shortest I ever heard anyone making it was in forty minutes. You do NOT want to know.

Back at work and life is good enough! Working on files and being productive, but distracted because ten hours days, LOL.

THAT IS THAT. How are all y'all doing??
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Before I'm asleep. This bodes badly.

Oh, hay, I has a fan! Must plug in nao.
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Mother confirmed a suspicion I've been harbouring for a while. This vacation has been good for me in many ways, including now the fact I've lost weight.

Off the ass, to be brutally specific, but pretty much all over. Nothing epic, but I was eyeing myself in the mirror yesterday and thought I'd lost something there.

This is where we go: GO TEAM ME!

The challenge will be keeping it off with the return to work on Tuesday.

Typically, I have certain capability to be far more eloquent. However, I've been writing characters that are not quite so intelligent and, as such, my own diction has been faltering in a reflection of that.

(On this note, writing Nicolas's book means that I will sound BRILLIANT if the diction!fail works in reverse.)
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There is a kitten watching me work.

Sort of like a guard making sure I don't escape without making my quota.

Every once in a while, he prowls past the keyboard and looks at the screen, just to be sure I've written something new.

Weirdest boss EVER.
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Went from not being able to decide a playlist to having song pings ALL OVER THE BOARD.

Every third or fourth song today is pinging me for something or another. I've officially started a fanmix playlist for a book I recently read, plus found some new character songs for the original verses I work on (both alone and with Roy).

And, token truth, but I could always use more music. There are some CDs at the local HMV I'm probably going to pick up soon to add to the collection.

Also, a pimp for [personal profile] athos's meme. This Roy? Has always been awesome at finding songs. Half the songs added to my original 'verse playlist since September 2008 were found by her. She is AMAZING.

ETA: Incura also responded to a message I sent them and they were adorable!
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Trying to build a playlist of appropriate songs to write a piece that I've been stewing on for some time now, but I can't seem to get the right songs on it.

When all else fails, I listen to the full library (only 3,036 songs, I'm an amateur) and that works, but I'd been hoping to come up with something for this one.

OH WELL! Sleeves rolled and doc open. Now if the mosquitoes would stop buzzing around my head, my life would be awesome.
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It's time for another good idea, bad idea.

Good idea: Reading the motorcycle skills handbook to brush up on road sense so that you can take your class 6L licence next week.

Bad idea: Reading the motorcycle skills handbook right before bed, so you can have dreams about rescuing a kitten from a warped geneticist, then taking it away on your motorbike before you go into hiding with a bunch of strange people who ride motorbikes.
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The problem with this town is finding the appropriate supplies to make dinner.

FRESH lobster tail I can understand not being available, but only being able to find frozen set dinner back by a few hours. For the sake of not eating at eleven tonight, the chicken & seafood paella was moved back to tomorrow night, oh yes. Anticipation makes the craving grow stronger. ♥

Learned something new about electrocution today. Kyon was pinged, oh yes.
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Tupelo Honey and Incura were AWESOME live. Shinedown was also fine, but not nearly as badass in person. Expect Roy to do some pimping of them later. Picked up two CDs for each band, ripped, loving the music!

Have decided that taking the bassist of Shinedown, putting him with the vocalist of Incura and the guitarist (D) of Tupelo Honey would make a band of adorable awesome.

Note: Adorable, when used by Alex, is a definition of badass, not cute.

Am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Surrey, working on the first draft of my second novel, because editing the first one is not working. Worked a bit on a Newverse piece and stared at the Coverse novella I'm supposed to be writing, to no productive end. Contemplated some psychoanalysis, then realised that I'm not awake enough to psychoanalyse.

The weather is rainy and cold today, this is having an influence on my ability to be awake. Not tired, more like lethargic in very many shapes and forms. And all this disjointed writing is coming on the heels of deciding that writing coherent posts would be useful.

Also: Saw the ultimate in androgynous last night on the way back to the hotel from the concert. I could not tell! Very pretty, very... androgynous.
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Over 5,000 words on chapter today? Oh yeah!

Plus another 2-3k on miscellaneous writing? Oh yeah!

Pondering writing more now!
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Dear makers of Advil Cold & Sinus,

When your product says it will slow or stay the symptom of a runny nose, please make sure it does not incite it.


Yay for sleeping with kleenex practically up my nose. Sexy, I know.
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Restless. Contemplating shenanigans. Idea of sleeping tonight seems foreign.

Today, I had a close encounter of an "dog may be larger than it appears" kind. From a distance, this dog looked about the size of a normal black lab. Halfway to him, the dog looked a little bit larger than a black lab. Got to the dog and had to wonder if I'd shrunk, because he was HUGE.

And lovable.

And slobbery.

Batten down the hatches time. I have me some writing to do!

Making sense: What normal people do.
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Level completed!


Roy - 300 mosquitoes
Alex - 276 mosquitoes

Rank: S

[Achievement Unlocked: OFF! THIS]


ETA: Despite numerous attempts by mosquitoes to suck all the blood out of us, I am still alive and will be posting tomorrow, btw. MCCOY WILL COME AND BE CRANKY SOON, PROMISE! (And tiny!baby!Chekov, as I hear from Roy.)
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That is all.

(The above message took three plus attempts PER LINE to type; oh this is going to be a GOOD day if I have to rip the cheerful out of a GRAVE, I swear to bob. Because I have a ball, I can do ANYTHING.)
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Spent part of the morning seeking to acquire Twelve Year Silence, an album by Dark New Day that was released in 2005 and has subsequently dropped off the face of available.

Found, instead, a copy of Statement, an album by Nonpoint that was released off their old label in 2000 and was similarly absent from the face of available.

Ordered Statement, as it was very reasonably priced and from a shipper I trust. SO PLEASED, YAY. One album closer to having all of Nonpoint's albums!

Still stumped on Dark New Day. Will puppy eye [personal profile] athos soon for the assist.
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And that day was spent playing pool. Scotch-doubles tournament with Roy, placed (___) out of nine teams! Guess the place. Hint: Walked away with most sportsmanlike woman award.

(Which, for the record, EMBARRASSING AS HELL!)

Also: I have a ball. I CAN TAKE ON ANYTHING!
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Skewed dreams of the fucked up kind where I was in disagreement with Roy re: how to handle genetic supersoldiers (idk, man, too much Dark Angel and Saleca) and ended up on a rickety wooden structure, throwing each of them down one-by-one when they attacked and idk idk idk. Then had to convince them with fail!speech to tell their creator to fuck off and be normal, at which we all piled into a classic car and went for a drive. WHAT THE FUCK, BRAIN.

PRIDE events for 2009 have been announced locally. Parade and festival on July 11th that I'll make appearances at. Eyeing the dance that night because, hey, ten bucks in advance, but, dude, DANCE AND AUGH. Will be juvenile about it for a while, then buy a ticket regardless. SO PREDICTABLE, SELF. There are too many pretty ladies in this town to NOT go.

Watched Star Trek again last night! Have started talking like McCoy AGAIN. I'm an Alex, not a doctor, damnit!

Massage today! Can feel its necessity in my neck and shoulders.


ETA: As an aside, self, cutting one's self shaving is typically reserved for the area being shaved. How, pray tell, did you get THREE razor cuts on your THUMB of all places?


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