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2037-01-04 07:45 pm
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。 a c t i v e 。

The Incredibles / VIOLET PARR
personalbubble / formerly of singularity, currently at teleios

Insecure. Super. Shy. Raised in a world that decried superheroes, Violet is sweet but slow to come out of her shell.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Movie (Singularity), Post-Movie, CRAU (Teleios)

。 i n a c t i v e / m e m e s 。

batnapped / meme tested

Acrobat. Survivor. Acolyte. Driven by the murder of his parents, he is the first sidekick to the goddamned Batman.

Common Canon Points: Post-All Star Batman & Robin

The Bartimaeus Sequence / BARTIMAEUS OF URUK
likesfootnotes / formerly of Holloways Keep / formerly of The M.S. Elegante

Djinni. Smartass. Summoned. Reluctant assistant to magicians everywhere, he will not rest until you know how awesome he is.

Common Canon Points: Post-Amulet of Samarkand (Holloways), Post-Ptolemy's Gate (Elegante)

acrobatical / formerly of tu shanshu / formerly of singularity

Acrobat. Leader. Brother. Always there for his 'family' and driven to help any and all caught in the shadows.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Nightwing (Singularity), Post-Batman & Robin (Tu Shanshu)

The Dresden Files (Novels) / THOMAS RAITH
toe_moss / meme tested

Brother. Vampire. Conflicted. Member of the White Court, he fights for his humanity against his all-consuming Hunger.

Common Canon Points: Post-Small Favor

Fright Night (2011) / JERRY
terriblevampirename / meme tested

Hunter. Relentless. Vampire. Undeterred by barriers such as thresholds, he can and will enjoy the hunt for blood and clan.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Movie

Halo Franchise / ARBITER THEL 'VADAM
were_it_so_easy / formerly of vertiline

Loyal. Warrior. Sangheili. Arbiter of the Covenant, he fights the so-called truth of the Great Journey

Common Canon Points: Post-Halo 3 (Vertiline)

Hotel Transylvania / MAVIS DRACULA
brbparadise / formerly of tu shanshu

Vampire. Daughter. Dreamer. Raised by her father in a hotel that protects monsters from humanity, she dreams of finding paradise.

Common Canon Points: Early-movie (Tu Shanshu), Mid-movie, Post-movie

Inkheart (Film) / DUSTFINGER
spoilerwarningpls / meme tested

Fire-Dancer. Driven. Devoted. Despite having his ending "spoiled" by his author, he lives to determine his own fate.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Movie, Post-Movie

Jurassic Park (Films) / IAN MALCOLM
mustgofaster / meme tested

Chaotician. Flirt. Survivor. First to predict oncoming failure, he seems drawn towards terrible dinosaurs luck.

Common Canon Points: Post-Jurassic Park, Post-Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Kung Fu Panda / SHIFU
shifu_sifu / formerly of tu shanshu

Master. Wise. Wry. Sifu of the Furious Five, he has learned the value of encouragement over judgement.

Common Canon Points: Post-Kung Fu Panda 2 (Tu Shanshu), Post-Kung Fu Panda

Marvel 1610 / LOKI ODINSON
trollololoki / formerly of singularity

Trickster. Cunning. God. The personification of mischief, he seeks to founder the realm of Asgard time and again.

Common Canon Points: Post-New Ultimates #5 (Singularity)

Marvel 1610 / ORORO MUNROE 。 STORM
storm_warning / tu shanshu

Sassy. Mutant. X-Man. A step back from the elegant Storm of the 616!verse, she tries to do right in a world undecided about mutants.

Common Canon Points: Post-Ultimate X-Men # 20 (Tu Shanshu), Pre-Ultimadum

Marvel Cinematic Universe / ANTONY EDWARD "TONY" STARK 。 IRON MAN
iron_ego / formerly of tu shanshu

Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. He may be a smartass, but Iron Man will help avenge the world if he cannot protect it.

Common Canon Points: Post-Iron Man 2 (Tu Shanshu), Post-Avengers

Megamind / MINION
fantastic_fish / meme tested

Friend. Encouraging. Fish. Lifetime minion of Megamind, he provides all theme music and evil encouragement.

Common Canon Points: Post-Movie

The Mortal Coils (Novels) / ELIOT POST
infernaldork / formerly of vertiline

Intelligent. Inexperienced. Curious. Raised ignorant of myths, he is baffled by his parentage of Infernal Lord and Immortal Goddess.

Common Canon Points: Post-Mortal Coils (Vertiline), Post-All That Lives Must Die

Resident Evil 6 / SHERRY BIRKIN
super_girl / meme tested

Eager. Capable. Contaminated. A survivor of Racoon City, she fights against biohazard outbreaks as part of the DSO.

Common Canon Points: Post-Game

suckmysilver / formerly of The M.S. Elegante

Deadly. Confident. Vampire. Sheriff of Area 5, he listens to few rules but those of his or his maker's making.

Common Canon Points: Post-S02E09 "I Will Rise Up" (Elegante), Post-Season 2

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2013-02-28 03:09 pm

025: how much we change in but three years

The last coherent, non-muselist post that I made in this journal happened in March 2010 and it is currently the last day of February in 2013. My penchant towards keeping up the blogging world fell to the wayside in the interim and I've devoted most of my social media networking towards the evils of Plurk ([ profile] reignsdown).

That said, there's a certain lack of depth encountered in a chat-themed social medium such as plurk and I find myself straying. This is, by no means, an indicator that I will return to posting with a vengeance so much as an observation.

In update, the last three years have resulted in a very different "me" than I envisioned. I am on personal leave from the job that was supposed to be my career after taking three months of sick leave due to the soul-numbing depression that it crushed me into. January 2013 saw me attaining certification as a level three first aid attendant according to the BC standards and now I am working as a first aid attendant in the oil patch.

This? Not something I ever envisioned for myself. I feel distinctly out of place, but not unhappy. Disconnected to the degree that I will be out on a "hitch" (on-site at an oil well lease) for weeks at a time with few human interactions, but not unhappy. It is an odd feeling and I am slowly exploring it.

Besides that, I have returned to RP with a relative vengeance and am one of two mods at [community profile] tushanshu, where I also play three characters. I've recently identified a stumbling block in that my characters have little-to-no close CR developments and I plan to remedy that, as that issue arose primarily from being literally incapable of tagging due to the depressive slump. To put that in perspective, my doctor advised that beginning a regime of medication would assist, but only after two weeks of constant daily dosage. Yet, when I began, it took merely a day before I suddenly felt like a human being and not, well. I don't go into how I felt, because I've done that aplenty.

To take the long and make it short, hello reading list! My name is Alex and I have marginally returned. I am still writing quite extensively in my mind, but the ability to put it down on paper has hit a temporary standstill. In the interm, I am playing Persona 2 on my PSP and working steadily towards my first set of "days off" from this job.
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2009-09-08 08:06 am

054: where we ping on the radar

Surfacing for air on the internet! Seems foolish, what with the whole no-air thing going on, but hey!

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2009-08-13 10:38 pm
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053: where we almost lost the pattern

I have been awake since 3am.

Life is AWESOME!
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2009-08-11 07:56 pm

052: where we are self-helping?

I currently have a very anti-ADD apartment.

All the game consoles are packed. All the DVDs are packed. All the CDs are packed. The only thing not packed is my desk and computer, in terms of entertainment. There's a shitetonne of OTHER things not packed, but still!

When I ran out of packing tape AND packed my cell phone in a box, I figured it was quits time for the night. Will pack more Friday and try to be ready to move Saturday or Sunday.

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2009-08-04 09:47 pm

051: where we did it!


The very definition of this post.


Of that wordcount, 20k was this past weekend alone. WE ARE HARDCORE?

ETA: Okay, so we're not ALWAYS awesome. LOL, forgot to charge my phone last night.
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2009-08-03 09:29 am

050: where it is interesting

Day to finish draft one of coverse novel?

Also day that left hand is all LOL YOU CANNOT TYPE. And trying? HOLY YAY OW.


LOLOL, over 140k wordcount. THIS IS AWESOME, OMG.
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2009-08-02 07:19 am

049: where we re-invent the term status quo


ETA: Interesting tip from Food Network this morning. Freeze an onion for 20 minutes prior to cutting. This will solidify the liquids that cause the gas that cause the tears.

This would also, I imagine, lessen some of the flavour release if you use it to cook immediately. That said, if someone has a severe reaction to onion gases, a little maison plus to freeze, chop, put in a bag to thaw again would make their lives easier.

Also, I have a new cookbook! Comfort Foods. I want to try some recipes!
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2009-07-28 06:23 am

047: where we are for the record

Oblivion - 30 Seconds to Mars

Huh, didn't expect that song.

Forgot to empty out the tub water last night. Apartment is kind of stifling this morning. Fail, self, fail!
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2009-07-27 04:10 pm

045: where we can't watch food network

Now, I'm not a fan of tomatoes in general, but the show I just watched had an interesting golden tomato & onion soup that was served cold. Pinged by and interested in making at some time, I'm thinking.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not only have I developed an enjoyment of cooking, a la father the chef, but I like to experiment and make things new all the time. Watching Food Network is bad for me, because it makes me want to cook more and more and so many ideas!

In other news, writing. HOW IS THIS NEWS??
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2009-07-27 07:01 am

044: where we zzz

And: Find My Way - P.O.D.

This I can blame on listening to yesterday, on repeat, while reading something.

We have another week of high (for this city) temperatures and I am not looking forward to it! =/ Right now, the apartment and air is kind of cool because it's early morning, but I'll need to head out for some ice within the next couple hours to manufacture air conditioning. So hooooooot.

The upside to this is Starbucks. It becomes a haven during the hottest hours of the day. Contemplating going there again today, because freezing Starbucks that is freezing means, dude, GLORIOUS (FOR TODAY) FREEZING. &hearts

ETA: HI, delicious looking recipe for lemon BBQ salmon. I think you and I should get to know each other tonight.
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2009-07-26 07:37 pm

043: where the heat is too much

Mmm, foot. In mouth. My favourite dish? Twenty-seven years and I still have communication fail with my sister. TOP THAT.


But, Hitch is on the tele and I am appeased. ♥
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2009-07-26 06:45 am

042: where the jump happens again

This morning: All These Things - Tupelo Honey

Another character song, another 'verse jump!

Also: Chapter is with me! 4,200 more words to write to it.
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2009-07-25 07:07 am

041: where the pattern jumps 'verses

This morning, the song was Machines & Robots (Tupelo Honey); character song for Kam from my main solo novel 'verse.

So! Yesterday, I took the knowledge test required for a 6L licence. Passing it translates to: I HAVE A MOTORCYCLE LEARNER'S LICENCE! ♥

Went to the 'rents to glee about it and father immediately got me to sit on the Vulcan, where I learned the basics of the bike that we're 99.9% certain he'll be giving me. Eee, I will get the bike I wanted from the moment he bought it! ♥

This is (roughly) what the bike looks like. Mine has some leather saddlebags and seat accessories, plus an Irish leprechaun zapstrapped to it, under the windscreen that this one is also missing, BUT THE COLOUR AND THE AWESOME OF IT IS RIGHT!

And, in typical learner's fashion, I nearly rode it into a wall. HE WAS MAKING ME DO HARD THINGS, like trying to balance an 800 cc motorbike at 4km/h without correcting with my feet. This is coordination that will come with time, daddy, BUT OMG I WAS RIDING THE VULCAN.

Okay, thinking about it again is making me excited all over again. jfkdlasjfldkas Need to acquire a throwaway bike in the interim, because I don't want to take the skills test with the 800, as you need to be able to lay down and pick up the bike easily, plus go at extremely slow speeds. While I will eventually be able to do this with the Vulcan, I want to practice on something a little less powerful (200-300 cc range).

Also: It is hot. Enough that I'm going to take a cold shower, if I can swing it. Looking forward to house and a shower that is (hopefully) not as possessed as this one. Wanting to start packing, need to find my packing tape and the tape gun. Need to give notice and arrange shite with the landlord here.
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2009-07-22 08:47 pm

039: where there is no middle temp

I wore a long-sleeved shirt to counteract the air-conditioning.


Oh, Starbucks, why so Arctic in the summer?

But, hey! At 2,222 words for novella #01, so the cold is trumped by neat numbers, amirite?
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2009-07-22 06:02 am

038: where sleep ATE the answer

Right before I drifted off, had the perfect idea of how to re-write a scene that I didn't like.

Woke up this morning and the fix is gone.

Sleep, why you do this to me?

ALSO: In addition to ball, I has house! WEll, not really, but I has house I will be RENTING (with two others). Glorious space. ♥
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2009-07-15 06:15 am

036: where we fight it off

(Those crows and street racer wannabes outside my window can GTFO my sleeping hours, kthx.)
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2009-07-14 06:26 am

035: where we... uh...

This 'eating breakfast before work' thing is going to take time to get back into.

Man, stomach, it's not THAT BAD.

BUT! I have done it. Breakfast BEFORE work, first time in two and more years. For a while, I wasn't eating breakfast at all, and then I was eating at work (granola bar style). Stomach is not trained to be eating this early.
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2009-07-13 08:39 pm

034: where men are lulzy

Had a silver Civic trying to race me between stoplights all the way home.

Left him in the dust. Oh yeah.