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。 a c t i v e 。

The Incredibles / VIOLET PARR
personalbubble / formerly of singularity, currently at teleios

Insecure. Super. Shy. Raised in a world that decried superheroes, Violet is sweet but slow to come out of her shell.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Movie (Singularity), Post-Movie, CRAU (Teleios)

。 i n a c t i v e / m e m e s 。

batnapped / meme tested

Acrobat. Survivor. Acolyte. Driven by the murder of his parents, he is the first sidekick to the goddamned Batman.

Common Canon Points: Post-All Star Batman & Robin

The Bartimaeus Sequence / BARTIMAEUS OF URUK
likesfootnotes / formerly of Holloways Keep / formerly of The M.S. Elegante

Djinni. Smartass. Summoned. Reluctant assistant to magicians everywhere, he will not rest until you know how awesome he is.

Common Canon Points: Post-Amulet of Samarkand (Holloways), Post-Ptolemy's Gate (Elegante)

acrobatical / formerly of tu shanshu / formerly of singularity

Acrobat. Leader. Brother. Always there for his 'family' and driven to help any and all caught in the shadows.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Nightwing (Singularity), Post-Batman & Robin (Tu Shanshu)

The Dresden Files (Novels) / THOMAS RAITH
toe_moss / meme tested

Brother. Vampire. Conflicted. Member of the White Court, he fights for his humanity against his all-consuming Hunger.

Common Canon Points: Post-Small Favor

Fright Night (2011) / JERRY
terriblevampirename / meme tested

Hunter. Relentless. Vampire. Undeterred by barriers such as thresholds, he can and will enjoy the hunt for blood and clan.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Movie

Halo Franchise / ARBITER THEL 'VADAM
were_it_so_easy / formerly of vertiline

Loyal. Warrior. Sangheili. Arbiter of the Covenant, he fights the so-called truth of the Great Journey

Common Canon Points: Post-Halo 3 (Vertiline)

Hotel Transylvania / MAVIS DRACULA
brbparadise / formerly of tu shanshu

Vampire. Daughter. Dreamer. Raised by her father in a hotel that protects monsters from humanity, she dreams of finding paradise.

Common Canon Points: Early-movie (Tu Shanshu), Mid-movie, Post-movie

Inkheart (Film) / DUSTFINGER
spoilerwarningpls / meme tested

Fire-Dancer. Driven. Devoted. Despite having his ending "spoiled" by his author, he lives to determine his own fate.

Common Canon Points: Mid-Movie, Post-Movie

Jurassic Park (Films) / IAN MALCOLM
mustgofaster / meme tested

Chaotician. Flirt. Survivor. First to predict oncoming failure, he seems drawn towards terrible dinosaurs luck.

Common Canon Points: Post-Jurassic Park, Post-Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Kung Fu Panda / SHIFU
shifu_sifu / formerly of tu shanshu

Master. Wise. Wry. Sifu of the Furious Five, he has learned the value of encouragement over judgement.

Common Canon Points: Post-Kung Fu Panda 2 (Tu Shanshu), Post-Kung Fu Panda

Marvel 1610 / LOKI ODINSON
trollololoki / formerly of singularity

Trickster. Cunning. God. The personification of mischief, he seeks to founder the realm of Asgard time and again.

Common Canon Points: Post-New Ultimates #5 (Singularity)

Marvel 1610 / ORORO MUNROE 。 STORM
storm_warning / tu shanshu

Sassy. Mutant. X-Man. A step back from the elegant Storm of the 616!verse, she tries to do right in a world undecided about mutants.

Common Canon Points: Post-Ultimate X-Men # 20 (Tu Shanshu), Pre-Ultimadum

Marvel Cinematic Universe / ANTONY EDWARD "TONY" STARK 。 IRON MAN
iron_ego / formerly of tu shanshu

Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. He may be a smartass, but Iron Man will help avenge the world if he cannot protect it.

Common Canon Points: Post-Iron Man 2 (Tu Shanshu), Post-Avengers

Megamind / MINION
fantastic_fish / meme tested

Friend. Encouraging. Fish. Lifetime minion of Megamind, he provides all theme music and evil encouragement.

Common Canon Points: Post-Movie

The Mortal Coils (Novels) / ELIOT POST
infernaldork / formerly of vertiline

Intelligent. Inexperienced. Curious. Raised ignorant of myths, he is baffled by his parentage of Infernal Lord and Immortal Goddess.

Common Canon Points: Post-Mortal Coils (Vertiline), Post-All That Lives Must Die

Resident Evil 6 / SHERRY BIRKIN
super_girl / meme tested

Eager. Capable. Contaminated. A survivor of Racoon City, she fights against biohazard outbreaks as part of the DSO.

Common Canon Points: Post-Game

suckmysilver / formerly of The M.S. Elegante

Deadly. Confident. Vampire. Sheriff of Area 5, he listens to few rules but those of his or his maker's making.

Common Canon Points: Post-S02E09 "I Will Rise Up" (Elegante), Post-Season 2

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