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Now, I'm not a fan of tomatoes in general, but the show I just watched had an interesting golden tomato & onion soup that was served cold. Pinged by and interested in making at some time, I'm thinking.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not only have I developed an enjoyment of cooking, a la father the chef, but I like to experiment and make things new all the time. Watching Food Network is bad for me, because it makes me want to cook more and more and so many ideas!

In other news, writing. HOW IS THIS NEWS??
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The problem with this town is finding the appropriate supplies to make dinner.

FRESH lobster tail I can understand not being available, but only being able to find frozen set dinner back by a few hours. For the sake of not eating at eleven tonight, the chicken & seafood paella was moved back to tomorrow night, oh yes. Anticipation makes the craving grow stronger. ♥

Learned something new about electrocution today. Kyon was pinged, oh yes.
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