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The very definition of this post.


Of that wordcount, 20k was this past weekend alone. WE ARE HARDCORE?

ETA: Okay, so we're not ALWAYS awesome. LOL, forgot to charge my phone last night.
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This morning, the song was Machines & Robots (Tupelo Honey); character song for Kam from my main solo novel 'verse.

So! Yesterday, I took the knowledge test required for a 6L licence. Passing it translates to: I HAVE A MOTORCYCLE LEARNER'S LICENCE! ♥

Went to the 'rents to glee about it and father immediately got me to sit on the Vulcan, where I learned the basics of the bike that we're 99.9% certain he'll be giving me. Eee, I will get the bike I wanted from the moment he bought it! ♥

This is (roughly) what the bike looks like. Mine has some leather saddlebags and seat accessories, plus an Irish leprechaun zapstrapped to it, under the windscreen that this one is also missing, BUT THE COLOUR AND THE AWESOME OF IT IS RIGHT!

And, in typical learner's fashion, I nearly rode it into a wall. HE WAS MAKING ME DO HARD THINGS, like trying to balance an 800 cc motorbike at 4km/h without correcting with my feet. This is coordination that will come with time, daddy, BUT OMG I WAS RIDING THE VULCAN.

Okay, thinking about it again is making me excited all over again. jfkdlasjfldkas Need to acquire a throwaway bike in the interim, because I don't want to take the skills test with the 800, as you need to be able to lay down and pick up the bike easily, plus go at extremely slow speeds. While I will eventually be able to do this with the Vulcan, I want to practice on something a little less powerful (200-300 cc range).

Also: It is hot. Enough that I'm going to take a cold shower, if I can swing it. Looking forward to house and a shower that is (hopefully) not as possessed as this one. Wanting to start packing, need to find my packing tape and the tape gun. Need to give notice and arrange shite with the landlord here.
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Mother confirmed a suspicion I've been harbouring for a while. This vacation has been good for me in many ways, including now the fact I've lost weight.

Off the ass, to be brutally specific, but pretty much all over. Nothing epic, but I was eyeing myself in the mirror yesterday and thought I'd lost something there.

This is where we go: GO TEAM ME!

The challenge will be keeping it off with the return to work on Tuesday.

Typically, I have certain capability to be far more eloquent. However, I've been writing characters that are not quite so intelligent and, as such, my own diction has been faltering in a reflection of that.

(On this note, writing Nicolas's book means that I will sound BRILLIANT if the diction!fail works in reverse.)
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And that day was spent playing pool. Scotch-doubles tournament with Roy, placed (___) out of nine teams! Guess the place. Hint: Walked away with most sportsmanlike woman award.

(Which, for the record, EMBARRASSING AS HELL!)

Also: I have a ball. I CAN TAKE ON ANYTHING!
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Come together and into a thing of beauty no less. My inner lesbian is all over the fact that [community profile] trek_kink's first replies were to the femslash and for a pairing that I can get behind. The decision to launch the kink meme tonight, rather than later this week? Another thing that I can get behind, especially now that it's up and running.

And [personal profile] athos? This is the last time you will hear this, because I do not think I could handle the ego expansion otherwise, but the friending meme portion? AWESOME IDEA.

The only problem to this scenario is the part where I have to work at seven in the morning and require certain amounts of sleep. This contrasts sharply with my desire to fulfil the request that I have started writing and start others. However, the amount of mental exhaustion my brain is indulging is makes the ability to channel proper Spock dialogue.

When I start writing Tuvok instead of Spock, that is the sign that this towel? It is to be thrown it. I will finish this tomorrow night, then write more, because I WANT to. What a refreshing feeling!
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This is the illustrious Dreamwidth of which much has been said and done in the past month or more. And this is my illustrious journal upon the illustrious Dreamwidth. Commence awe.

Or, presume I am just as egotistical as all this text-based speech suggests and commence eye roll.

Myself? Indulging in the latter. With the exception being that the presumption and ego are absent. For the most part.


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