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The very definition of this post.


Of that wordcount, 20k was this past weekend alone. WE ARE HARDCORE?

ETA: Okay, so we're not ALWAYS awesome. LOL, forgot to charge my phone last night.
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This morning: All These Things - Tupelo Honey

Another character song, another 'verse jump!

Also: Chapter is with me! 4,200 more words to write to it.
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Tupelo Honey and Incura were AWESOME live. Shinedown was also fine, but not nearly as badass in person. Expect Roy to do some pimping of them later. Picked up two CDs for each band, ripped, loving the music!

Have decided that taking the bassist of Shinedown, putting him with the vocalist of Incura and the guitarist (D) of Tupelo Honey would make a band of adorable awesome.

Note: Adorable, when used by Alex, is a definition of badass, not cute.

Am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Surrey, working on the first draft of my second novel, because editing the first one is not working. Worked a bit on a Newverse piece and stared at the Coverse novella I'm supposed to be writing, to no productive end. Contemplated some psychoanalysis, then realised that I'm not awake enough to psychoanalyse.

The weather is rainy and cold today, this is having an influence on my ability to be awake. Not tired, more like lethargic in very many shapes and forms. And all this disjointed writing is coming on the heels of deciding that writing coherent posts would be useful.

Also: Saw the ultimate in androgynous last night on the way back to the hotel from the concert. I could not tell! Very pretty, very... androgynous.
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Over 5,000 words on chapter today? Oh yeah!

Plus another 2-3k on miscellaneous writing? Oh yeah!

Pondering writing more now!
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FUCK I AM JUMPY TODAY. A piece of dust just landed on my keyboard and I shrieked like a little girl-- wait, DID NOT. That sentence was provided by [personal profile] athos THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It was more like... a really girly boy shriek, kthxbai.

In other news, fuck I hate creativity today. It's not working the right angles for me. MUST FINISH CHAPTER.

...and I just showed Roy a new keyboard trick. And she is enamoured like a small child (quote from her, not just me getting back at her for the shriek comment).

ETA: Taught her another one! Man, the wonderment in her tone is lulzy.
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Come together and into a thing of beauty no less. My inner lesbian is all over the fact that [community profile] trek_kink's first replies were to the femslash and for a pairing that I can get behind. The decision to launch the kink meme tonight, rather than later this week? Another thing that I can get behind, especially now that it's up and running.

And [personal profile] athos? This is the last time you will hear this, because I do not think I could handle the ego expansion otherwise, but the friending meme portion? AWESOME IDEA.

The only problem to this scenario is the part where I have to work at seven in the morning and require certain amounts of sleep. This contrasts sharply with my desire to fulfil the request that I have started writing and start others. However, the amount of mental exhaustion my brain is indulging is makes the ability to channel proper Spock dialogue.

When I start writing Tuvok instead of Spock, that is the sign that this towel? It is to be thrown it. I will finish this tomorrow night, then write more, because I WANT to. What a refreshing feeling!


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