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Level completed!


Roy - 300 mosquitoes
Alex - 276 mosquitoes

Rank: S

[Achievement Unlocked: OFF! THIS]


ETA: Despite numerous attempts by mosquitoes to suck all the blood out of us, I am still alive and will be posting tomorrow, btw. MCCOY WILL COME AND BE CRANKY SOON, PROMISE! (And tiny!baby!Chekov, as I hear from Roy.)
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Skewed dreams of the fucked up kind where I was in disagreement with Roy re: how to handle genetic supersoldiers (idk, man, too much Dark Angel and Saleca) and ended up on a rickety wooden structure, throwing each of them down one-by-one when they attacked and idk idk idk. Then had to convince them with fail!speech to tell their creator to fuck off and be normal, at which we all piled into a classic car and went for a drive. WHAT THE FUCK, BRAIN.

PRIDE events for 2009 have been announced locally. Parade and festival on July 11th that I'll make appearances at. Eyeing the dance that night because, hey, ten bucks in advance, but, dude, DANCE AND AUGH. Will be juvenile about it for a while, then buy a ticket regardless. SO PREDICTABLE, SELF. There are too many pretty ladies in this town to NOT go.

Watched Star Trek again last night! Have started talking like McCoy AGAIN. I'm an Alex, not a doctor, damnit!

Massage today! Can feel its necessity in my neck and shoulders.


ETA: As an aside, self, cutting one's self shaving is typically reserved for the area being shaved. How, pray tell, did you get THREE razor cuts on your THUMB of all places?
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Come together and into a thing of beauty no less. My inner lesbian is all over the fact that [community profile] trek_kink's first replies were to the femslash and for a pairing that I can get behind. The decision to launch the kink meme tonight, rather than later this week? Another thing that I can get behind, especially now that it's up and running.

And [personal profile] athos? This is the last time you will hear this, because I do not think I could handle the ego expansion otherwise, but the friending meme portion? AWESOME IDEA.

The only problem to this scenario is the part where I have to work at seven in the morning and require certain amounts of sleep. This contrasts sharply with my desire to fulfil the request that I have started writing and start others. However, the amount of mental exhaustion my brain is indulging is makes the ability to channel proper Spock dialogue.

When I start writing Tuvok instead of Spock, that is the sign that this towel? It is to be thrown it. I will finish this tomorrow night, then write more, because I WANT to. What a refreshing feeling!
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Star Trek: The Next Generation

The complete series on DVD in one set? Oh yes PLEASE!

Watching and re-watching the new Star Trek re-launch movie has reminded me that my childhood was spent being a tinybabygeek for TNG. Riker, in particular, was my favourite character, while Picard was close second. Not to mention general love for most of the cast, with the exception of Q (ironically, his type of character is the sort I ended up liking as an adult).

While in the vein of Star Trek, tempted to watch the movie for a third time, despite the growing nuances otherwise known as 'flaws' in it. There is still enough awesome McCoy to make up for that, I think. More than make up for it.

I'm a doctor, not a movie critic!

(Okay, done now, really.)


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