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Went from not being able to decide a playlist to having song pings ALL OVER THE BOARD.

Every third or fourth song today is pinging me for something or another. I've officially started a fanmix playlist for a book I recently read, plus found some new character songs for the original verses I work on (both alone and with Roy).

And, token truth, but I could always use more music. There are some CDs at the local HMV I'm probably going to pick up soon to add to the collection.

Also, a pimp for [personal profile] athos's meme. This Roy? Has always been awesome at finding songs. Half the songs added to my original 'verse playlist since September 2008 were found by her. She is AMAZING.

ETA: Incura also responded to a message I sent them and they were adorable!
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Trying to build a playlist of appropriate songs to write a piece that I've been stewing on for some time now, but I can't seem to get the right songs on it.

When all else fails, I listen to the full library (only 3,036 songs, I'm an amateur) and that works, but I'd been hoping to come up with something for this one.

OH WELL! Sleeves rolled and doc open. Now if the mosquitoes would stop buzzing around my head, my life would be awesome.
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Spent part of the morning seeking to acquire Twelve Year Silence, an album by Dark New Day that was released in 2005 and has subsequently dropped off the face of available.

Found, instead, a copy of Statement, an album by Nonpoint that was released off their old label in 2000 and was similarly absent from the face of available.

Ordered Statement, as it was very reasonably priced and from a shipper I trust. SO PLEASED, YAY. One album closer to having all of Nonpoint's albums!

Still stumped on Dark New Day. Will puppy eye [personal profile] athos soon for the assist.
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Despite not being a particular fan of Coheed and Cambria, this morning I cannot get enough of Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth (Secrets of the Universe). For the average reader, know that metal (avec screaming) is the preference, which this would not qualify as.

And oh dear god it is nine-thirty already.

You know what? Don't care. Will waste more time sitting here and listening to this song until I figure out what has caught my attention in it.

Then? Then I will work on writing. Novel #01 requires work on the editing front, while novel #02 needs writing. There are also the character shorts that I have been wanting to write/been writing instead.


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