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There are increasingly fewer things in life that trigger my temper, but I have to admit that happened with the anon archive comment on the meme. More because (a) I had already begun work on one and (b) how a place can be called 'dead' after being open THREE days baffles me and (c) working full-time, ten hours shifts in a day AND having social life after work means that I don't always get around to being online.

Now, regarding the work concept: Off for six weeks! SIX WEEKS! I have not had this much time off work since ever and forever, meaning seven plus years, where seven years represents a very long time for me! At this time, I still have trouble grasping this fact and will randomly start laughing because, hey, SIX WEEKS!

Mind, the intent to this time off is to work on my secondary career, but this one involves the ability to SLEEP IN consistently. And this? Is what I think I will go back to doing now.

ETA: Loving DW thus far does not mean intense adoration for the layouts available without shelling out cash. Attempting to find one for [community profile] trek_kink that works is proving unique, as the accessible customisation is minimal. Avoiding temptation to spend money and get access to more.

ETAx2: Mmm, twelve hours, less the hour I was up and moving between five and six this morning. Delicious sleep.
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