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Surfacing for air on the internet! Seems foolish, what with the whole no-air thing going on, but hey!

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The very definition of this post.


Of that wordcount, 20k was this past weekend alone. WE ARE HARDCORE?

ETA: Okay, so we're not ALWAYS awesome. LOL, forgot to charge my phone last night.
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HOKAY. Definitely not making it to the Pride parade, being that I sort of forgot the concept of tracking time this morning and the parade started seven minutes ago.

(I see you, kitten. You are watching me type and thinking about pouncing. I AM ONTO YOU.)

Eight minutes ago, LOL. Oh, self, tracking time is a GOOD thing. There's still the afternoon festival to hit up, so off I shower to prep! Works out, because I wasn't sure I wanted in on the parade this year.

SELF, THIS IS NOT TRACKING TIME. This is typing an entry, and watching the kitten contemplate an attack. And he just tried and got caught on the screen and sort of hung there for a moment before he dropped behind the laptop again. KITTEN, SO FAIL.

The new Gears of War novel is out on July 28th! Same day as the map pack and extra chapter release (omg new storyline chapter for GoW2, EXCITED). Not so excited about the book, on the grounds that the first one was not that awesome, but any attention to GoW is nice attention, yes. ♥
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Mother confirmed a suspicion I've been harbouring for a while. This vacation has been good for me in many ways, including now the fact I've lost weight.

Off the ass, to be brutally specific, but pretty much all over. Nothing epic, but I was eyeing myself in the mirror yesterday and thought I'd lost something there.

This is where we go: GO TEAM ME!

The challenge will be keeping it off with the return to work on Tuesday.

Typically, I have certain capability to be far more eloquent. However, I've been writing characters that are not quite so intelligent and, as such, my own diction has been faltering in a reflection of that.

(On this note, writing Nicolas's book means that I will sound BRILLIANT if the diction!fail works in reverse.)
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There are increasingly fewer things in life that trigger my temper, but I have to admit that happened with the anon archive comment on the meme. More because (a) I had already begun work on one and (b) how a place can be called 'dead' after being open THREE days baffles me and (c) working full-time, ten hours shifts in a day AND having social life after work means that I don't always get around to being online.

Now, regarding the work concept: Off for six weeks! SIX WEEKS! I have not had this much time off work since ever and forever, meaning seven plus years, where seven years represents a very long time for me! At this time, I still have trouble grasping this fact and will randomly start laughing because, hey, SIX WEEKS!

Mind, the intent to this time off is to work on my secondary career, but this one involves the ability to SLEEP IN consistently. And this? Is what I think I will go back to doing now.

ETA: Loving DW thus far does not mean intense adoration for the layouts available without shelling out cash. Attempting to find one for [community profile] trek_kink that works is proving unique, as the accessible customisation is minimal. Avoiding temptation to spend money and get access to more.

ETAx2: Mmm, twelve hours, less the hour I was up and moving between five and six this morning. Delicious sleep.
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Despite not being a particular fan of Coheed and Cambria, this morning I cannot get enough of Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth (Secrets of the Universe). For the average reader, know that metal (avec screaming) is the preference, which this would not qualify as.

And oh dear god it is nine-thirty already.

You know what? Don't care. Will waste more time sitting here and listening to this song until I figure out what has caught my attention in it.

Then? Then I will work on writing. Novel #01 requires work on the editing front, while novel #02 needs writing. There are also the character shorts that I have been wanting to write/been writing instead.


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