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The last coherent, non-muselist post that I made in this journal happened in March 2010 and it is currently the last day of February in 2013. My penchant towards keeping up the blogging world fell to the wayside in the interim and I've devoted most of my social media networking towards the evils of Plurk ([ profile] reignsdown).

That said, there's a certain lack of depth encountered in a chat-themed social medium such as plurk and I find myself straying. This is, by no means, an indicator that I will return to posting with a vengeance so much as an observation.

In update, the last three years have resulted in a very different "me" than I envisioned. I am on personal leave from the job that was supposed to be my career after taking three months of sick leave due to the soul-numbing depression that it crushed me into. January 2013 saw me attaining certification as a level three first aid attendant according to the BC standards and now I am working as a first aid attendant in the oil patch.

This? Not something I ever envisioned for myself. I feel distinctly out of place, but not unhappy. Disconnected to the degree that I will be out on a "hitch" (on-site at an oil well lease) for weeks at a time with few human interactions, but not unhappy. It is an odd feeling and I am slowly exploring it.

Besides that, I have returned to RP with a relative vengeance and am one of two mods at [community profile] tushanshu, where I also play three characters. I've recently identified a stumbling block in that my characters have little-to-no close CR developments and I plan to remedy that, as that issue arose primarily from being literally incapable of tagging due to the depressive slump. To put that in perspective, my doctor advised that beginning a regime of medication would assist, but only after two weeks of constant daily dosage. Yet, when I began, it took merely a day before I suddenly felt like a human being and not, well. I don't go into how I felt, because I've done that aplenty.

To take the long and make it short, hello reading list! My name is Alex and I have marginally returned. I am still writing quite extensively in my mind, but the ability to put it down on paper has hit a temporary standstill. In the interm, I am playing Persona 2 on my PSP and working steadily towards my first set of "days off" from this job.
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